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Top 10 Reasons to Just Simply Cook It….

Fresh ingredients
Easy to follow cooking instructions
No last minute trips to the grocery store
Everything is ready for you… no shopping, chopping or mopping
Prepared meals DELIVERED to your door
Host parties like baby showers, ladies night out and more
Custom meals prepared to your specifications
Take the worry out of "what’s for dinner?"
Spend more time with your family eating, not cleaning
Simplify your life

Simply Cook It provides you with everything you need to serve the meals that you’ve always wanted to make for your family: delicious menus to choose from, easy-to-follow instructions, quality ingredients, and all the seasonings to suit your taste.

Just take the meals we deliver and store them in the freezer (or give one to a new mom!) When you’re ready for a great entree, take out a meal and Simply Cook It in your oven, on your grill, or in your crock-pot.

Simply sign up for a delivery and select the items you want from our monthly menu. Your meals will be assembled with fresh ingredients and delivered by the same friendly staff you’ve come to know.

Arrange multiple deliveries (to the same location) with friends and enjoy special rewards!